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Mid-Iowa Association of Wargamers

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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce our organization and highlight important areas on our site.

Mid-Iowa Association of Wargamers (MIAW) is a non-profit club that uses games and gaming to learn history and military history, sportsmanship, and communication skills.

How do I join MIAW?

The easiest way is to check the calendar and attend the next monthly meeting.

Please down load and fill out the membership roster sheet.
* Membership dues currently are $10 for a years membership.
* Junior Memberships (under 16 years old) is $5.

Membership Form



On this page, we may include pictures of our members or of the work we do.

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.